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Your True Voice is a systematic methodology that grounds vocal technique in the most fundamental understanding of the human voice, with each exercise being founded on the infant’s cry. It is a holistic program rooted in the idea that when you transform a voice, you transform a life. By eliminating problems in the voice, students become more confident and self-assured, better prepared to become their best selves.

Debra Bonner Vocal Studios is, without a doubt, the most qualified vocal coach in Provo, UT. The owner, Debra, received her Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Michigan. Since then, the vocal studio has striven to improve the voices of each one of their students, no matter how much experience or raw talent they possessed when they begin lessons.

In her three decades as a voice teacher, Debra Bonner Vocal Studios has learned that each student possesses different strengths and weaknesses, but no matter what style they choose to express themselves in, they can achieve new heights with the DebraTone method.

Inspired by an infant’s ability to cry, the DebraTone method uses exercises to strengthen the voice and mold the vocal muscles to get rid of virtually all vocal problems that may arise in singing. If you can speak, you can sing.

Debra Bonner Vocal Studios has had the honor of instructing students who have gone on to be Tony and Grammy Award Winners, as well as successful recording artists and backup singers for some of the world’s superstars. No matter what your goals are, Debra Bonner Vocal Studios commits themselves to helping you reach them through dedicated vocal instruction.

When you train with Debra Bonner Vocal Studios as your voice coach, you’ll be working with a voice instructor who can improve vocal flexibility, help you develop an impressive vibrato, improve the overall tone in your voice, and disguise the breaks between chest voice, middle voice, and head voice.

You know you’re ready to take your vocal training to the next level. Contact Debra Bonner Vocal Studios today and let your journey begin.

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